Electronic Healthcare Record

World Inter-Med has developed a comprehensive state-of-the-art secure private cloud based Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) management system. Our methodology and system can unify, collate and communicates a complete chronological healthcare record that assists the consulting physician in ordering tests, consults and prescriptions within the insurance network. At the same time our system will assemble all the necessary information to file an electronic claim to the patient’s insurance company – at a single tap of the screen. This will vastly reduce physician time sorting through records and test results while increasing efficiency and reducing fraud from non-existent treatment..

Using smart card and bio-metrics security technology, our system will provide the most secure method of storing and accessing patient medical records.

One patient – one medical record, period!

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Richard Ferreira describes our system as providing the industry with a single tool that can deliver a complete record viewable by all who are authorized to access it, in a usable format that meets our mission of “SEE IT, TOUCH IT, GET IT” (SITIGI pronounced “sit-a-gee).

Our system will allow physicians to:

  • Access patient information securely anytime and anywhere when it is most convenient for the care team.
  • Provide real-time access to patient records and results and clinical information.
  • Enable healthcare organizations meet government requirements for patient security and confidentiality.

Through use of advanced technology, the user does not need to understand or speak computer language to correlate the important data in a health record, whatever its source. The insurer can see the encounter to address its questions on coverage just as the healthcare provider can confirm coverage. The member has access to all data for purposes of review and confirmation.

Access. Share. Connect.

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