A Single Medical Record


Several people have asked about the importance of having a single medical record. As previously mentioned, by age 50, on average you have 22 medical records and by age 60 you have 28.

SingleMedicalRecordHaving 22-28 medical records is problematic and in some cases can even be catastrophic. Why – because none of those records communicate or share data among themselves, therefore they’re just an isolated file sitting in a medical office, practice or hospital filing cabinet or computer. They are useless information. The data they contain is meaningless to your doctor, because they don’t have access to them or know anything about them. To your doctor they don’t exist.

What ailments have you had in the past? Any surgeries? What medications have you taken? Do you have allergic reactions to medications? Is there family history, or any issues in your past that might be related to your current medical condition? Who knows – not your doctor!

It is very possible you may even have multiple medical records in the same hospital. Many departments store independent records and don’t  share information about you – but they should and need to. It is vital!

Do you see the problem yet? You should – your doctor can only see the medical data in front of them – if it’s not there, your medical past never happened.

Unless you have been seeing the same doctor from your birth and continue seeing them until you die – you have this problem. We all do!

This is one of the critical initiatives World Inter-Med’s EMERgE Electronic Healthcare Record aims to solve. With your support we can complete our mission in providing your doctor, your insurer and you with a single medical record.

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